Firm Overview

Carnaggio Builders, Inc. is a full service general contractor and construction management firm serving the Baltimore metropolitan region and surrounding counties. The firm was founded by Steve Carnaggio after twenty plus years of working for some of the areas highest profile general contracting organizations.

Carnaggio Builders, Inc. is a private firm that brings a client-oriented philosophy to the construction process by providing expertise to a select number of clients at a time. The firms' focus on providing quality service and craftsmanship to our clients has been a hallmark of our success.

We believe that an emphasis on helping clients achieve their building goals and providing outstanding service and assistance with the construction process is crucial to our success. This is the reason that Carnaggio Builders carefully selects our clients and maintains a focus on the client's needs and limits the number of projects that we perform at the same time.

Our firm performs commercial projects in the areas of industrial, retail, recreational and religious buildings.

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